You & the Internet: How to be a gr8 DIGITAL citizen!

IS there a difference between good citizenship in the offline, real world & the virtual world, online?

 [Or is it all about being  safe, responsible, and respectful  

where ever you are:  both offline and online?]

NOW visit the  Budd:e Cyber Security Education site: play games for points, learn important Cyber Security and safety behaviours, while building your own personalised robot or cyborg

Budd:e CYBER-SECURITY BUILDER is a part of the Australian Government’s cyber security awareness initiative, aimed at creating a safer, more secure online environment for all Australians.

PS: If you have made a Budd:e in Gr 3/4…     

It is time to test yourself & earn your Digital Passport!  

[Come in and see me and I will add you to the right class file & give you the login information you need to start earning your passport!]

Finally, why not TEST YOURSELF with a QUIZ!? 
For MORE INFORMATION on E-SAFETY ISSUES just CLICK on the image above and follow the link to THE Australian Government’s “OFFICE of the CHILDREN’S e-SAFETY COMMISSIONER”


178 thoughts on “You & the Internet: How to be a gr8 DIGITAL citizen!

  1. Hey Miss Nadja,
    We are Year 12 students who were there in 2013 when this blog was first born. It’s crazy to see it still up and running. We hope you’re still into contemporary art like I/we are. How is the library™? Do you still make people put notes in their shoes? Hahaha, we’re just kidding!

    We’re just curious about your advice on borrowing books: say, hypothetically, a Grade 1 student needs to borrow at least one book per week (based on the guideline on this blog), would this rule also apply to Year 12 students (who should borrow at least twelve books per week)? And do these books need to come from the senior fiction section of the library? We’re asking this as we plan to drop by some time for a visit!

    Any reply would be appreciated,
    sAngel0 2.0

    1. Hello Eric gr8 to hear from you! I apologise for the delay in replying but I the start of the year is very hectic AND it takes time for Mr Ryan to connect all the students to the school internet! I hope your awesom reading habits are continuing!

  2. Hello Miss Nadja,
    From watching the video you posted, it had helped me a lot, thank you. It helped me a lot on making and understanding wright and wrong decisions and to think what you do before you act. Now that I remember that we made a Budd:e, I could possibly play some fun games and learn more things about being safe on the internet. Once again thank you very much.

  3. Hi Miss Nadja,
    Hope you have a wonderful CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR. I’ll come and visit next year and if you need help, I’ll help. Have a safe CRISTMAS and have fun on the HOLIDAYS.

  4. Hi Miss.Nadja,

    Love the library blog!! This is the first post I have explored so, only two posts left to explore!!

    I am still playing BUDDIE to remind me to keep safe on the internet!!

    See you tomorrow, in term 3!! 🙂

    1. Martina! Hello so sorry to have taken so long to reply! Why not attempt your Digital Passport – You know you are ready!!!:)

  5. Hi Miss Nadja! The video, which is about the safety online, that song video is very good and after watching that video, I have now learnt something. I learnt about the virus part and the message that is trying to break the computer. Thanks for posting that appropriate, friendly, understandable video.

  6. Hello there Miss Nadja!

    Thank you for informing us for having to go to site, i have gone on the site and it has given me a lot of information about Australia.

    Thank you!

    P.S Sorry that this message is quite late!

    1. Hello & welcome Angela I am glad to see you hear and to know that you took on the task but discovered its usefulness – my pleasure. (No need to apologise – there was no due date!)

    1. Roshan I think you need to go to the sidebar and look for the link to World Book Online and enter Dewey as a search term and then let me know what you found out.

  7. Hi Miss Nadja,
    WoW the “Pause & Think Online” is a very catchy song, the song taught me how to be safe when i am online and it taught me to stand tall and keeps your hands to bullies :). By the way animation of this song kinda looks like “Dumb Ways To Die”.

    P.S- Sorry for the late comment

    1. Hello Mary – what did you learn tat you did not know before you watched and listened to the song? I had the same thought and wondered if it was the same animator or if they were inspired by the success of the MET campaign or if it just happened to be a style of animation that was in fashion.

  8. I never knew I could ever learn so much. Thankyou for the website Miss Nadja, I can’t wait to make my very own ‘buddie’ 🙂

  9. WOW!!!! i learnt so many things from this great blog. For example i learnt how to be more responsible by watching the think and pause video.

  10. Hi Miss Nadja,
    Today i made a EBuddie it was so fun and useful to me because I helps you learn how to keep safe on the internet.

    See you at the Library.

      1. Now I will not put my real details on the internet. Such as my address, my face in profile pictures and the details about my home.

        1. Hello Kenny – which part of the post helped you understand that keeping yourself safe means keeping personal details to yourself?

  11. As well as it catchy it also tells me to use your heart to grow and grow and it taught me to also use your heart and not to bully

  12. Hello Mrs Nadja I have been to the the buddie and I made one. I learnt that make your password with numbers,s lower and upper case letters. And i watched the Pause and Think on line and I know that you have to use our arms to balance time and feet to stand up to bullies.

    1. Hello Aaron – great work – what will you try to do now about balancing time and standing up to bullies? Has this been a problem for you in the past?

  13. Hello Miss Nadja. I think that the ‘Pause and think Online’ video was bery catchy, even thought the songs and the drawings were simple, I thought that it had a big messege in the video. I really enjoyed the ebuddi;e was very fun, I was enjoying myself while completing my work on ebuddi;e. I learnt that not to make passwords and usernames too short and putting in your name. See you in the library.

    1. Hello Angie W – I agree with you about the ‘big message’- how has it reinforced or changed what you do online? Well done Angie! I am very pleased that my aim to make the learning fun has been achieved!

  14. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I learnt another way to respect others on the online world and I think that there is a difference between good citizenship in the real world and the online, virtual world because when your online, you can lie also fake your identity and in the real world you are talking face to face so you know when someones lying or not.

  15. Dear Mrs Nadja

    I always wondered why people go the internet even though other people say it’s dangerous but now I have an idea why people still use the internet.

    It can still be fun if it’s used in a good way.

  16. Dear Mrs Nadja,

    My sister told me that you responded to my comment but I don’t know which comment you replied to.

    So can you tell me which comment you replied to?

  17. Miss Nadja the Pause And Think video was really good! It made me think of some other videos I have watched. The thing I like about the video was that it was really colourful. The picture of the girl at the top was really unique. I liked how they chose objects the girl is wearing to put information into it. I will have a go on Budd:e and i will see if I like it. Good Work Miss Nadja 🙂

    1. Hello Cindy once the video and the poster did it’s job of attracting your attention and pleasing your eye, did they do their job of making you think anew or differently about the subject of online safety and digital citizenship? tell me what did you learn? That is always the most important question – and that is what I want you to be asking yourself as you make a Budd:e.

  18. Oh, Miss Nadja! I made a BUDD E account and I made a robot! I also completed it too! Thank you for telling me about BUDD E! I really enjoyed learning to be safe on the internet.

  19. Hi Miss Nadja,
    The video was super good. The poster was awesome. I learnt to spend my time doing other activities than playing my games,

    1. Well done Anthony! What are you doing now that you weren’t doing before and what have you noticed about yourself as a result?

  20. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I created a female budd:e named Narami. I loved all the activities that we had to do to get body parts. They were fun and at the same time very educational. It taught you things like how to be safe online and what things (for example security updates) you could use to help you stay safe online.

  21. Hi Miss Nadja
    The pause and think video was really catchy and catches my attention. It really helped me to think before what I should do. it helps me to be safe and stand up. It also helps me to reflect on things and to know what is right or wrong. There are also things I learnt from the video which was all the things I wrote above and the poster also gave me lost of ideas and things about it which I already wrote above as well

    It was really interesting and helped me to understand so much things

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