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 Welcome to our Library Blog!

Miss Nadja invites you to make connections &

be transformed by stories & information:

the real, the known, the imagined and the virtual!

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  NB1    BE the respectful & thoughtful person that you are

                  in BOTH the real world & virtual worlds

     NB2    It is good manners to leave a comment on any blogs you visit.

                 {You wouldn’t visit someone’s house without saying “hi!” or wander around looking at

                  the interesting things you see and then leave without saying anything would you?}


Library LESSONS are an important & integral part of our school curriculum

The focus of the library program at St Joseph’s Primary School is on:


Reading for enjoyment, interest and information.26082011242

Developing of student’s information literacy skills i.e the ability to locate & select items appropriate to interests and abilities.

Building the student’s enthusiasm for & confidence in using ANY library’s collections and systems


Library lessons are of 40 minutes duration, once a week


Each student MUST borrow

at least 1 item per week Levels 1& 2

at least 2 items per week for Levels 3 &4:         Please report any LOST or DAMAGED items immediately


Each student MUST HAVE a LIBRARY BAG to keep borrowed items

The Library bag can be purchased for $6.00 from the Uniform Shop


Borrowed items MUST BE RETURNED from 8.30 – 9.00am BEFORE the Library lesson


We are always happy to answer any of your questions!

Miss Nadja  Slovak – Library Teacher; Mrs Andrea SciclunaLibrary Manager;

Mrs Despina Sotiriadis & Mrs Hanh Tran – Library Technicians


253 thoughts on “Our Library Blog & Our Library

  1. I looked through your site and i was surprised to see how many comments were posted.
    Keep up the good work Ms. Nadja

    1. Jason that is just the front page! You need to explore the site and visit at least 3 posts – see you when you have done that! PS don’t forget what I said about writing an i instead of using I – always show you are educated!

  2. Great work Miss Nadja! I’m definitely impressed with your blog. Looks like you have spent a lot of time putting this together.
    You are so good at replying to everyone’s comment. How do you do it?!!
    You have great links too!

    1. Mr Hoang I have spent a weekend & 2 days on it and check every evening for visitors – I do what I would want my teacher to do for me if I was a student in her class – as I have said to the students blogs are opportunities to connect & converse [share thoughts & ask questions] & in the process learn! It is a very interesting process/challenge for me to develop this blog because I am always looking for ways to link the real w the virtual worlds – beyond just reporting on what is happening in one or the other – do subscribe before you go [when I saw I had a comment waiting for approval my first q was going to be hmm why aren’t you tucked in bed preparing your mind/body for the work of learning ahead of you tomorrow!!!] 🙂

  3. Sorry Miss Nadja the comments that I type just disappear. I will type it again. And sorry for the other comments that says the missing e.

  4. Sorry for the missing e at the end of Michelle. It is because I was typing to fast on my Ipad and I don’t want to forget the question that I want to type.

  5. Hi Miss Nadja, I love the blog! Almost makes me wish I was still at St Joseph’s! I’m looking forward to catching up with the books everyone is reading. I’ve just read a good book. Amelia Dee and the Peacock Lamp by Odo Hirsch is the story of a young girl who lives in a house with a mysterious lamp, secretive neighbours and a princess with secrets of her own. It’s got adventure, romance, everything a good book needs. I’d love to hear if any one has read it & what they think. Happy Library time, Mrs. T

    1. Welcome Mrs T friend & colleague of Miss Nadja & St Joseph’s School where many students were privileged to have you as their teacher! I am sure there would be many older brothers & sisters who remember you w respect, admiration & love as their classroom teacher!

  6. Miss Nadja when I press student registration then it took me to a page that it said to type in my first name,last name,email. But I don’t get it why it says username and password.What does it mean? Do we had to make a ramdom name or do we use our name?

    1. Hi Michelle have a think (remember registration means to sign up for something) What do you think you have to do here – then do it!

    1. Hi Jaeydn great to see you are exploring the blog and leaving comments – I would love u to share your thoughts in more detail about the posts you have visited and what you did when you were there!

  7. Hi Miss Nadja

    I am very exited about class badges and I am also going to try to accomplish as many things as possible before the end of the year

    1. Genny just pace yourself there is time for everything: let me know what you have done so far ie which badges do u have so I can update my records.

  8. Hello Miss Nadja!
    I was just wondering, sometimes when I hop on to your blog to see if anything is new, the comments section is closed and I am not able to reply or comment on your post! Why is that so? Plus, every time I check into your blog, it just keeps getting better and better! Great job Miss Nadja!

    1. I am Very Sorry about that Anna – it is actually a bug in the program – which after many attempts at finding a solution and in the process closing other comment boxes I finally solved last night! Thanks for noticing that the process of growing/changing/improving the blog continues – this is a reflection of my approach to life!

  9. To Miss Nadja,
    When I went to log in to access the Class Badges website, (I have already registered though) I had to be directed to the log in page again. I’m not sure what it is though. Is it because I’m using a mobile device to access the website?

    Sorry for the long comment.

    1. Hysha you now just login w your email address that u used to first register and your password, Because you are registered you can now login and view your account/badges! No need to apologise remember this is a conversation and some things take a little bit longer to say!

      1. Michelle don’t put the exclamation mark that I put at the end of the code that was just me exclaiming NOT part of the code!

  10. Miss Nadja I was wondering which link do I click on and I went on one of the pages which was classbadges.com and there are 4 options and I was wanted to ask which one do I click on?

    1. Michelle have a read have a think decide who you are what do you want to do [a student – to register] then choose the one that matches that!

  11. Too bad lots of people in class have to miss out on the best blog ever! I wish that they could see the wonders of this blog! A huge thank you to Miss Nadja for creating this amazing blog. Hip hip! Hurray!

  12. P.S if you’re wondering why my picture has changed I used another email and I’m sorry if that worried you Miss Nardja but I can assure you that who ever type in this comment is DarrenT.

    1. The picture is automatically generated Darren. If you do not have your own avatar don’t panic, because I didn’t, but thank you for your concern. Remind me when you see me to tell the class about a useful site to teach u how to create your own avatar.

  13. Thanks Miss Nadja for helping me find the surveys. I had time to reflect on Book Week unfortunately I’ve should’ve join in more but after the survey this inspired me to join in more activities but anyways I like to say a big thank you to you Miss Nadja.

    1. My pleasure once you get used to a blogs layout you will get better at knowing what to look for and how to access it!

  14. To Miss Nadja,
    This is a fantastic blog! And practically the only one I’ve visited and enjoyed! I can tell that you have put in a lot of effort into making this blog!

    1. That is a generous compliment Hysha – my aim was to make something that I would enjoy visiting too if I was one of my students because it was full of interest and wonder and beauty!

  15. Hi Ms Nadja, I really like your blog! It is great. You must of had a hard time making it for us. I love the library. You have great tips on being on my way to a great learner. Thankyou Ms Nadja

    1. Andy in what way- tell me – in a good way or in a help I am lost and cannot find my way back home? We will examine their organization in class – the blog platform is VERY simple to navigate – trust me – the more blogs you visit the more it will become apparent!

  16. I am also extremely excited about the new badges. Additionally, I am wowed that there is so much information already added to the blog when you just made it only a week or so ago.

    1. Me too! But you need to sign up w the registration code from me Andy. I wanted the blog to be worth visiting again and again so I dedicated continuous time – a weekend and some week nights – to focus solely on getting it up to my high standard ready as a teaching/learning platform for us!

  17. The survey helped me to find out how I act and what I do and I can reflect on that because I was truthful in all my words and selections and when I read through the survey it made me realise that I have some skills I can work on over the years and if I didn’t do the survey I would’ve kept thinking that I didn’t need to improve on anything. Thankyou Miss Nadja

    1. Phuong that is wonderful! It is only when we get an opportunity to reflect that we can grow as individuals and as learners. There is always much to learn about ourselves and the world and who we are in it – it is a lifelong undertaking! I am very happy to have helped you come to an important realization Phuong. Thank you for sharing your insight with me.

  18. Miss Nadja, the survey was incredibly related to the questions you asked me and fellow students during my library lesson. I am very excited about your new blog and hope for it to grow more.

    1. Hello Andy, that is because I wanted you all to start thinking seriously and honestly about who you are as a learner face to face with me before you sat down and replied to the survey in your own time and space. I am pleased you share my excitement about my Library blog. I am enjoying working on it and developing its content so that as it grows it challenges us all to grow as learners!

  19. Wow Miss Nadja! This blog is filled with such creativity, such colours. It just pulls me in and forces me to read it! It’s nice to see how you put so much effort into this blog. I also look forward to those badges! Awesome job Miss Nadja! You are great.

    1. So happy to read your comment and to know it is working well drawing you in, to read, think, explore, read and think some more and wanting to keep looking- that is what happens to me too Charles!

  20. Hello Miss Nadja, I’m from 5/6FZ and this is the second blog that I have visited and I’m liking your blog already.

  21. Miss Nadja I was wondering how can we earn our class badges? And what do we do to earn our class badges? One of my friends in my class said that Doan has one of the class badges that’s why I went on my iPad to ask you.

    1. Very happy to give recommendations as I am always on the look out from great reads myself and have learnt from experience to have a wide range of sources to increase your chances of only finding THE best reads ever! Nikita did you post a review of the book on the wall in my previous post?

  22. Thanks to your suggestion about becoming adventurous I learnt about robotics and robot I found the book very interesting. So thank you Mrs Nadja.

    1. Great news – it is always worth giving things a go. Remind me to show you where to find a great video about an inspirational man farmer who built his own robots from what he had at hand – it will make you laugh AND inspire you!

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