Are any of your last year’s favourites on the 2017 CBCA Shortlist?


‘Many of the books selected this year will move readers with a wonderful mix of stories that are sad, honest, informative and funny,’ said CBCA National Chair, Professor Margot Hillel.

‘Humour is used to deal with themes ranging from friendship and grief, to bullying and love. Interestingly, several titles feature the weather, and across all categories, animals remain a popular theme. Characters are both gutsy and relate-able, although not always likable.’

If you are wondering HOW the books are chosen visit: 
If you are wondering WHICH books were chosen visit: 
Is there a book by an Australian author, published last year
that you think should have been included?

4 thoughts on “Are any of your last year’s favourites on the 2017 CBCA Shortlist?

  1. Hey Mrs Nadja,
    Its Elaine here!The books you have posted here are really addictive to look at,just by the titile and book cover i just want to grab the book and read it,I wonder how hard it will be for the CBCA people to choose,hopefully they make the right choice.Can’t wait for Book Week.

    From:Elaine 5/6M

  2. Dear Mrs Nadja,
    I love to go to the library and to learn new things from you!
    Thank you Mrs Nadja for teaching me how to borrow books!
    Thank you!

    Your Dearest-Sybil

  3. Dear Miss Nadja,
    Sarah and Celina here and we love your latest post on the blog. (Sarah) I read Dragonfly Song this year and I thought it was excellent. Aissa is a very brave girl. (Celina) When I went on this post I thought it was very interesting. Within These Walls caught my eye.

    From Sarah and Celina 😉

  4. Hey Miss Nadja,
    I actually went on to the CBCA website, and saw the book ‘Ride, Ricardo, Ride’, and I had actually borrowed the book previously this year, and I just LOVED IT!. I have also read ‘William Bligh’, ‘Out’, and ‘Suri’s Wall’. They are all just magnificent, thank you Miss Nadja for suggesting, and finding these book’s. These book’s want to make me sit, and know what happens next, it keeps in me suspenseful and exited. Thank you Miss Nadja.

    Your Dearest-Gurnika 🙂

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