Reloaded: Who wants to be/have an Avatar?

Do you know what an avatar is and why you should have one online??

Let me know what you know!

Miss iNtL 2013

 & Where you can [have some fun and] create one that is uniquely  you/yours?

Here are some great kid-safe avatar creator web tools you will love!

NB:  Don’t use an iPad or a smartphone (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note) because it won’t work. Use a computer that has Adobe Flash Player.



Avatar creator programs

REMEMBER you do not have to sign up or sign in to be able to use any of these online tools – so don’t!

95 thoughts on “Reloaded: Who wants to be/have an Avatar?

  1. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I absolutely just LOVE your blog!!, it is so useful and so much fun to read it!
    I visit your blog EVERY night!, your blog is like a suspense book, at every page there is a new idea and a new wonderful surprise.

    Thank you Miss Nadja for teaching me all of these wonderful things 🙂

    1. Thank you Gurnika!!! 😀 I am SO happy to know that the blog is worth visiting + interesting in all ways + a V useful resource for Gr8 learners just like YOU – who love to think … and then put things into action!

  2. Dear Miss Nadja,

    Hi! I’m sorry that this is the first time I’ve visited your blog in a while, I’ve just been too lazy but that was a mistake because I’ve really enjoyed reading some of the things that you have put up. I especially enjoyed making a ‘Picasso Head’.

    See you soon, GenGen

      1. Dear Miss Nadja,

        I’m not sure how to link it to my email address, but if I figure out how to I will be sure to do so.

        See you soon, GenGen

        1. Sign in to your account, go to your profile, click on the space for your image and then take it from there choosing your options eg upload image from your device/computer. Hope that helps. Enjoy your holidays.

  3. Dear Miss Nadja,
    I love your blog especially because of dopel me I had so much fun creating my avatar and I love yours its amazing.
    Aimy 3/4 M

    1. Hello Aimy – I am so glad you are enjoying my library blog – I would love to see your avatar – come in and talk to me tomorrow – I will show you how to link your avatar to your email account. My favourite avatar creator is Picasso Head: try it out and have some more fun!

  4. Dear Miss Nadja thank you for the wonderful blog that you had made for the students to comment on and I really enjoy those comments that everyone sends to you and I am really impressed when I see lots of students who post a comment on your blog.

    1. Hi Amy lovely to hear from you. It is impressive that the students have taken up my invitation to take our learning from the space of the library into the space of their lives and back into the library and that the world wide web makes it possible across time and space!

        1. Thank you Kelvin. Tell me what it has made you think about – I would love to know your thoughts in response to any of my questions. (Tell me which site you mean…or do you mean that you like the fact that there is a library blog for grade3/4/5/6?

  5. Hello Miss Nadja I have done what you asked me to do. This blog is super and it is also useful.

    1. Hello Katherine and welcome! How has it been useful for you? PS Did you ask your parents about their opinion? – see most recent post: Why we love Australia

      1. Hello Miss Nadja I asked my parent about the five words – pride – fun – teamwork – freedom – peace and they said freedom because we can go anywhere we would like to go to.

        1. I agree Katherine. I am sure that if we did a survey – maybe we should! – that concept would be #1. Remind me when next we see each other about designing an online survey on this question.

  6. I absolutely love my avatar. I used Doppelme and she looks so cute. She’s dressed in all blue, which is my favourite colour. I had lots of fun and I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

  7. I tried doppelme a week ago (it took quite a while to finish the avatar, so many things to choose from!), and when I came back to the site I felt motivated to create even more avatars, and it was really enjoyable. I look forward to even more different posts!

    1. But which avatar is closest to the true or ideal you Olivia and have you uploaded it as your hotmail profile photo?

      1. Well, the one in doppelme took longer to make, due to the selection of clothes, and in the end, I really liked what I chose, it does reflect on my personality. As for the profile picture, I can’t find the avatar to use. I’ll come see you about it. Thanks!

        1. Hello Olivia – I agree: so many wardrobe choices! – come in and I will show you how to do it with your email account.

  8. Hi Miss Nadja,
    This is great! I didn’t do it on iPad as it said up the top. So I’m doing it on computer now.
    I’m sure It will be great!

    Bye Miss Nadja!

  9. These are quite interesting links. Out of curiosity, I googled other avatar making sites. Shockingly, I found that there were thousands out there. I tried a few out, it entertained for a couple of minutes. After making several avatars, I couldn’t find a way to import my avatar to this blog. If it’s possible, could you please show us how? Please and thank you.

    1. Hello Charles – why were you shocked? – If you are interested in linking your avatar w your external email account come in during lunch eating time any day except Wed when The Blog Doctor [me] is in!

      1. Sorry for such a late reply. Also for the lack of time (as I was unable to see you for the internet passport and instructions on how to link the avatar to my profile). I sincerely thank you for your patience! I will try and make time next week unless it is possible for you to show me during the lesson on Friday. And also, the reason I was shocked was because of such large amounts of websites which enable you to make an avatar. I didn’t expect so many people to make such websites. I would’ve thought there’d be like ten avatar making sites.
        Thanks in advance and I’ll see you soon. .

        1. Charles pop in to the Library on Thu and I can set up your registration so you can log in from home.

  10. Thank You For Posting These Links Ms Nadja! I Will Defintely Have Fun On Your Sight! See You Soon!

    1. Hello Lawrence – my pleasure – tell me what have you seen and what was new for you? I am interested to know.

  11. Hi Miss Nadja!
    I thought this blog post was very interesting and creative! I was very keen to try creating an avatar and these websites you gave us helped us out a lot. It was my first time creating an avatar for a blog! Thanks for the post Miss Nadja!

      1. Hello again Miss Nadja!
        My avatar reflects who I am and I am very proud of it! The sites you have given have helped me in making my avatar reflect me! Thanks Miss Nadja! Hope to see you soon in the library!

        1. Excellent work Anna! I look forward to seeing your smiling enthusiastic self in the library soon. Ps I will update your ClassBadge account now!

  12. Hello Miss Nadja,
    Wow I really enjoyed this post, I really enjoyed the websites you added to this post! I had lots of fun creating my self in a different variety of ways ha ha! I’ve just tried DoppelMe and Picassohead, I will definitely try and use Clay Me another day. Thanks for posting this up Miss Nadja, See you tomorrow in the Library!

  13. Hi Miss Nadja I really like the great things in this blog and I really enjoyed making the avatar thankyou for this wonderful blog miss nadja. See you at the library miss nadja

    1. My pleasure Antly – please share with me some of the things that you now know from spending time on our Library Blog.

  14. WOW! What an interesting, informative eye-catching blog! I spent a long time visiting here. I became so excited about avatars after reading the students’ comments that I just had to try creating my own – not sure that I’ll use it but creating it was fun. I read quite a few of the students book reviews – the ones that provided answers to the set questions were most informative and interesting.
    I certainly plan to visit here again!

    1. Hello Mrs Scarpino and welcome to our Library Blog: we love having visitors like you: those who spend time looking and reading and thinking and trying things out! Now I hope you have not neglected your own work creating an avatar! [Some of us have put so much energy into it that we are starting to look like our avatars!]. Have you been reading anything with your class worth shouting about from the rooftops? Maybe one of the Grade 4 students in your class would like to post a review for us to enjoy and then rush out and read. See you next time Mrs Scarpino

  15. Hello Miss Nadja,
    I was wondering how do we tag our email or something like that to our avatar?
    You told us at library today to tag our email or something.

    1. Jasmine this is what I said: if you want to learn how to link your avatar to your non-school email account come and see me in the library during lunch eating time.

  16. Hello Miss Nadja. I’m enjoying the avatar makers. Sometime my friends and I like to memorise what our avatars look like and try to resemble them. Thanks for the link and see you the library! 🙂

    1. Joanna I had to laugh when I read that because I realized when I got home from the hairdressers that he cut my hair in a way that made me look like my avatar – and he hasn’t even seen it! PS Do your efforts include the avatars you have made using the Picasso Head avatar creator?!!!

      1. Well, my friends and I use FaceYourManga avatar maker. I don’t think we have ever heard of Piccaso Head Avatar. But I’ll be sure to try it!

  17. Hello Miss Nadja I’ve had a great time creating my avatar. I would like to thank you and Hysha for giving me the website to create the avatar.

    1. Hello Darren – well done! – it is lots of fun isn’t it; all those possibilities and trying to find the combination of elements that looks like you and reflects/suggests who you are! Which one did you use and did you follow the hyperlink on the post? PS remind me to explain how to link your avatar to your email account [if I haven’t done so already w your class – just pop in tomorrow just before lunchtime starts].

  18. This blog is amazing Miss Nadja it’s very eye catching Great job Miss Nadja! Looking forward to library Thank you Miss Nadja!

    1. Hello Kimberley – Happy that you like it and thank you for the feedback. Tell me what have you seen or thought about or learnt or tried while you were here?

    1. Hello Anne and thank you for your generous compliment! If you click on the names of the creation tools in this post you will be taken to the avatar creation tool site – so just go for it and have some fun!

  19. Wow Miss Nadja, Doppel Me is so amazing making an avatar the clothes were so hard to choose, but at the end i had choose it took me 30 minutes to do it!

      1. So Miss Nadja… what did you end up with?
        and do I need to ask you at school tomorrow for the code for the class badges or can you tell me on the comments section and i can just make one now?

        1. I decided on a casual look – very similar to what I was wearing that day – see my avatar in full in the post above!

          1. Oh Tracy T I forgot to say come in tomorrow to the library and I will give you the registration code for your class

  20. Hi Miss Nadja I love the website it is SOOOO detailed and I am just about to find out who Mr Dewey is???

  21. Hysha I have already follow the instructions and I have save it into my folder but I don’t know how to use the picture of my avatar online like Miss Nadja. Do you know how?

    1. There is a website about something called ‘Gravatars’, Globally Recognised Avatars.

      As Miss Nadja told me, don’t use a photo of yourself for the website for safety reasons and use it with your parents around. Ok! See you!

  22. I think it would be really cool if we could have avatars I love the fact that we can chose how we want to look we can show our inner personality’s and even change up our looks!

  23. Miss Nadja can you give me the website that takes more easier to create an avatar? I remember that I saw your comment to Hysha about the avatar. But all of a sudden I couldn’t find the comment. Can you please help me?

    1. Hello Michelle – the link I gave to Hysha is the same link that is on the “Who Wants to be/have an
      avatar?” post. What you need to do is follow the instructions I gave to you in an earlier reply on this post have a go! And if something doesn’t work then have another go and then another go until you have solved solved any problems. PS You only need to be subscribed once to the blog – not to each post. Also I will be away for the nxt week so I will see in re Library Michelle! 🙂

  24. Miss Nadja I just suddently saw a link that says ‘Manage your subscriptions’ I press on it and it brings me to a page that says my email and it has those kind of boxes that says ‘our library blog and our library’ and the other links. I don’t get what it says. And the other two was about blocking notifications and change email. Miss Nadja do I press block notification or do I lieve it? And after that do I press return to ‘Who wants to be/have an avatar? Sorry for the long comment! I just want to ask to make sure. I am scared if I press something and something will happen. Thankyou!:)

    1. I see that you did what I would have advised Michelle – give it a go – if you are not sure about some instructions – just check any unfamiliar words in the dictionary to help you understand what you have to do! I love to see you rely on your self – Well done! 😀

  25. Miss Nadja When I post a comment it always disappears and then I type the same thing that I type before. (I just wanted to check if you have replied to me). The first one appears with the second one. It made me really angry and frustrated. That’s why you always see there is 2 or 3 comments that are the same. Sorry! 🙁

    1. Hi Michelle you just need to be patient – posting it is NOT immediate. No need to be angry or frustrated…just wait calmly until I have had the time to read it and approved it.

  26. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I love these avatars, it was really fun playing around with the looks of the characters but it was also really hard to choose a style because they all look so great but I ended up making my choice. I really loved it Thankyou 😀

  27. Miss Nadja now I have a problem. The problem is when I type in my email to subscribe it said to click on the link in the confirmation email then my email will be added to the mailing list. How can I do it? Can you please help me?

    1. Hi Michelle all you have to do – and I see that despite your worries you did it – ie followed the instructions and clicked on the link – I see that you are now subscribed! congratulations!!

  28. Miss Nadja is this your new post about avatars? And are we making our own avatar? I can’t wait to create my own avatar!

    1. Just have a go – did you notice that when you moved your cursor over the images of the different logos it changed? – those are links to the sites – click on them and see which creation program you would like to use to make your avatar. Have fun [remember: have a go and if you encounter a problem I want you to try 3 things to solve it yourself before you ask for help – this is a good habit to get into – this is what great learners do; which is why I want you to get into the habit of doing it Michelle! 🙂

  29. Miss Nadja is this your new post about avatars? Does it mean we have to make our own avatar online? I am looking forward to making an avatar! Can you give more information about it?

    1. Michelle all you need is on the post – have you noticed what happens to the cursor as you move it around the screen and over images/texts? Whenever it changes that is a sigh that there is a link to another site – so just click on it and explore and try out things and see what happens – if something doesn’t work one way try another and then another – if you are still having problems – put a question in the comment box telling the 3 things you have already tried to solve your problem & maybe a visitor to that site will have an answer for you -read this through carefully yo make sure you understand that I want you to give things a go and look for solutions yourself. Okay? I is very important you do that Michelle.

  30. Thanks Miss Nadja for these websites! They look great! And by the way, the avatar that I think you made is really awesome!

    1. Hysha I just could not make you wait any longer! I am really happy you are happy – I hope there is a big smile on your face as there is on mine! [Disappointingly I lost my Miss N picasso head avatar and it was getting very VERY late so I had to force myself to stop! I am looking forward to seeing your avatar online. 😀

      1. Hi Miss Nadja,

        I thought about the question you asked. I prefer not to have a picture of myself or others. Instead an animated picture is better. See you in the library.

        1. An avatar is like a disguise – it is never a good idea to use a photo of yourself … Jerina have you visited the page about You and the Internet? Please do.

    2. Hysha can you please give me the websites that Miss Nadja gave to you for the avatar. Because I have trouble doing what Miss Nadja said on the post. Can you please help? I can’t ask Miss Nadja because she said she is away this week so she can’t reply. Sorry for the long comment.

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