How do you help others to stay safe on the internet?

Be the change: unite for a better internet.

Safer Internet Day 2017 

Below are some starting points to get you thinking about: 

  • How do you keep yourself safe on the internet?
  • How do you help your friends to stay safe on the internet?
  • What your parents do?
  • What else could & should you do to help keep everyone safe on the internet?

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Will you need to make some changes in what you do

to stay safe safer safest

when you are on the internet?


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19 thoughts on “How do you help others to stay safe on the internet?

  1. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I agree that we should have better and longer passwords, for the benefit for all of us.
    We should never talk to someone you don’t know online.
    If anything pops up on the screen DON’T TOUCH immediately tell a trusted adult.
    If you are getting bullied, or if you know someone who is, tell a trusted adult.

    Thanks Miss Nadja 🙂

  2. Hi Mrs Nadja,
    This year I’m trying to change so that I can be a better learner! I want to thank you for helping me realise that what I was doing before was not right. So I will try my best this year!

    1. Amelie I have seen your change in attitude and your efforts! And I was very happy to see it! Having the right attitude and being willing to put your best efforts into learning is much more helpful in every way! Keep it up and keep going well! See you in the library.

  3. Hello Miss Nadja,
    You have helped me with a lot of different information about internet safety and I’m willing to learn more. I strongly agree that we need strong passwords that are not easy passwords that anyone can guess on the internet. Having strong passwords by including capital letters at the start and numbers along with it will benefit us as no one will have the ability to access an account without permission. Another way of staying safe on the internet is if there are advertisements, pop-up screens or online forms on any websites, make sure to not click on it in case of viruses, or it tricks people into receiving many emails.

    1. So much that you know and do Celina – remind me in class to teach everyone which search engines are safe to use!

  4. Dear Mrs Nadja,
    I think we should have have strong passwords, make sure we have anti virus software, firewall, spam deleted and don’t talk to strangers. If someone sends a rude message tell a adult.
    Make sure to be safe on the internet.

    From Sarah

    1. All excellent approaches Sarah that help to keep you safe & happy when you are on the Internet. Did you learn anything that made you think a bit more about safety online this year?

      1. Dear Miss Nadja,
        I know that we should not use free WiFi because people can hack you. I also know that we should have a super strong password.

        From Sarah

          1. Dear Miss Nadja,
            I will do it and try my best forever. Thank you for teaching me useful information.

            From Sarah

          2. I know you will Sarah! That is what makes you such a great learner! See you in the library.

    1. Wow thank you Vi – what was it that was the most powerful thing that you now know that you did not know before?

  5. Hi Miss Nadja,

    I was just wondering since I missed out on the library lesson this week; is there anything I can do during the weekends that can help me catch up to the other students?

    From, Genny

    1. Hello Jenny! Happy to see you here! Last weeK we recalled/relearned the 5W & 1H powerful question starters and then used each of them to write questions about the CBCA shortlisted books. I then invited everyone to read the latest blog post and follow all the links until they found the one that provided them with answers to their questions … and maybe got them asking some more questions!

  6. Hello Ms Nadja (:

    I like your blog its very fancy.

    Ms Nadja I was wondering if you have any recommendations for this month because I’m not such of a reader but I really wanted a book that can make me go for more books so in my spare time I wont have to sit there I can read more books!!

    1. Hi Christine Welcome to our Library Blog! Yes I have lots of recommendations but I have 2 questions for you to begin with:
      1. Did you visit the post “What are You reading Now?” – if you haven’t, do that now and scroll down until u find where other students have added reviews of books they have loved!
      2. What are you interested in – what kind of things do you like to read? I am a big fan of short stories/anthologies; which you can dip in and out of and discover great authors and experience different genres. Looking forward to seeing you and helping you find a great read!

      1. Well, I like books about adventures and quests around the galaxy or anywhere but I like short stories as well but I want something that can blow me away and make me think “oh that’s cool imagine that in real life!”. Maybe to make me think what happens here or there and how did this happen?.

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