Wondering what else you could do during the school holidays?

Click inside, on the posts below – on the image &/or the URL – and then click again until you are on the site or the page that interests you:

Which place &/or activity has caught your eye, captured your imagination and motivated you to visit with your family in the world or online?

11 thoughts on “Wondering what else you could do during the school holidays?

  1. Dear Miss Nadja,
    The topic that caught my eye was the BTN because I already know about it and it is very interesting.

    1. Hello Thu – did you follow the link and visit the site? What news did you find out that was of interest to you?

  2. Hi,Miss Nadja,

    The thing that caught my eye was Behind The News (BTN) because this is a site tells us about stuff that is happening around the world right now.

  3. Dear Miss Nadja,
    The place that caught my eye, was the Royal Melbourne Show because I love playing with different animals, and I have not been before, or seen it.


  4. Dear Mrs Nadja,
    If I was bored on the holidays I would learn to DIY because its fun and I like creating art things.
    I would also enjoy books online because I love to read

    From Sarah

  5. Hi,Ms Nadja,
    The place that had caught my eye was the museum because it look interesting and I wanted to see thing that I never seen before.

    1. Hi Elina and welcome! Did you visit the museum site and look around? If you haven’t go back and spend time on the site and let me know what you found out or which exhibit you would visit.

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