How did we start BOOK WEEK 2016: “Australia! Story Country”?

   MON 22 & TUE 23 in the LIBRARY 

                                  An hour WORKSHOP for each 5/6 grade at 9, 10, 11.30 am and 1.55 pm

Presentation, Demonstration and Creation using discarded books with Nicholas Jones BOOK SCULPTOR, the workshop will look at the art of repurposing existing objects with new and exciting results.


TUE 23 in the HALL 

  • A PERFORMANCE for all the grade 1/2s at 1.55 – 2.55 pm

A place where the world of fairytales meets the world of board games, where one must play to discover what the rules are – but beware the Queen, for it is with her that all power resides. With the pomp and ceremony of ridiculous rituals and eccentric dance, characters from an over-sized chessboard come to life to conduct an interactive game, where no one knows what the rules are, and not everyone’s a winner.

Using archetypal characters and symbols and gesture, The Curious Game challenges the audience to become participants and interpret the Queen’s signs without discussion, but by thinking laterally and acting physically.

Performed and devised by Carolyn Hanna, Nick Papas, Penny Baron Born in a Taxi logo Commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne

  To be continued …

One thought on “How did we start BOOK WEEK 2016: “Australia! Story Country”?

  1. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I really enjoy having Book Week.My favorite part was dressing up as a famous Australian. 🙂

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