What When Where How & Why is happening at our school in Book Week?

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What are you looking forward to the most and Why?

What has stayed with you from past Children’s Book Weeks?

23 thoughts on “What When Where How & Why is happening at our school in Book Week?

  1. I enjoyed Book Week especially the dress up days, but some of the grade 5/6 classes went on excursion, On Friday we had to dress up as something bright, I wore a shimmery T-Shirt.

  2. I found Book Week very fun! The dress up days were enjoyable Wednesday was swirls and splotches, and on Friday was to dress up as something that lights up / bright.

  3. Hi Miss Nadja!
    I have really enjoyed Book Week and I really like to thank you for giving me a bookmark. Its been a lot of fun doing with teachers and students! I hope we can do more!

    From Emily

  4. Hello Miss Nadja,
    You did a great job on organising Book Week once again this year. It was great to visit the Melbourne Museum and the State Library of Victoria and I’ve learned a lot of things from the excursion. I’ve really enjoyed all the activities that you had organised for us and hopefully next year’s Book Week will be the same or even better although I won’t be here to celebrate it.

  5. In book week i enjoy the excursion to the Melbourne and doing the clip in the State library of Melbourne with our librarian ( Alan) and showing as thing such as Ned Kelly and famous Victorian.

    What has stayed with you from the past Children’s Book Weeks?
    From the past book week i enjoy the competition for drawing a map for the tooth fairy and guessing what in the paper rocket.

  6. Dear Mrs Nadja,
    WOW!You have upgraded the blog by giving us lots and lots of info.I really like your blog because it has subjects to tell us what were doing.My favourite book for book week is Snail & Turtle are friends also Pig the Pug.

  7. Hi Miss Nadja!
    Right now, I’m enjoying Book Week so much! This might be late but to answer your question, I’m really looking forward to read with my buddy. The things I remember from the past few Book Weeks is the gathering up. Every class had to dress up the theme the teachers chose.

  8. I can’t wait for the dress up days because I loved the State Library and the Melbourne Museum it was very interesting at both of the places.

    Anna L

  9. Hello Miss Nadja!!
    Book Week is coming up and I’m so excited. The theme is something the grade 5/6’s have learnt about, what a coincidence!
    I also can not wait to see your assembly you have prepared for Book Week Miss Nadja. Book Week is always fun and I’m extremely curious to what you would dress up as too because last year you dressed up in something I wouldn’t be able to think of. Have a great week Miss Nadja!
    Katherine 5/6S

    1. I can feel your excitement Katherine and it is making me even more excited! We will all have a great week if we join in and give things a go – which YOU are really good at doing Katherine!

  10. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I am looking forward to visiting the State Library and the Melbourne Museum. The last time I went to the State Library was 3 years ago and I really enjoyed the performance. I am really excited about this year. Last year, we went to the Melbourne Musuem and it was amazing, I can’t wait to visit the Melbourne Musuem again. Can’t wait for what they have install for us!!!


    1. Alicia you will love the workshop that I have organized for you at the SLV! And Mrs Mahney added a casual visit to the Museum because she had a great time there last year and knew you would too!

  11. Hi Miss Nadja!
    I’m looking forward to all the Book Week activities and celebrations at school! The State Library of Victoria excursion will be exciting.

    1. Hello again Rebecca – I have done my best to organize excursions, events, activities and competitions for maximum learning opportunities and maximum fun! – I look forward to all of it too – even though the week ahead is BIG.

  12. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I love your blog and I am very excited to go to the State Library on Monday and go and visit the Melbourne Museum.

    1. Emmy why do you think we and the children and families and libraries around Australia are celebrating Children’s Book Week?

  13. Dear Ms Nadja,
    I am really looking forward to the excursion day because we get to go to the State Library and have some fun. I also like the library Read In because we might can read our books with our buddies.

  14. Dear: Anyone reading it
    In book week I’m looking forward to going to the State Library of Victoria and making the book at the workhouse. And having fun around the museum if we have time.
    David 56WM

    1. David Miss Nadja here replying to your comment in response to my question! I am happy to hear that you are excited about visiting the SLV and the MV – ask your teacher what workshop you will be doing this year – it will surprise you. Don’t worry, we will be making awesome alternative books at school.

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