33 thoughts on “Tohby Riddle’s PF books: What makes them special?

  1. Hi Miss Nadja,
    When you read the book to our class 5/6WM I learnt that friendship isn’t about appearance, gender and how they act, is about your relationship.

  2. Hi Miss Nadja,

    I have read ‘Irving the Magician’ and listened to the story of ‘Nobody Owns the Moon’ when you read it to my class. I enjoyed them both! It was so heartwarming when Clive and Humphrey hugged in the end of ‘Nobody Owns the Moon.’

    1. Wendy I agree – it was so tender and bitter-sweet. The ending and the feeling has stayed with me.

  3. Hi Miss Nadja,
    You have read the book “Nobody Owns The Moon ” to my class and I’m pretty sure that they really enjoy this book. I like how friendship isn’t about rich,poor,tall,rich or gender we are all the same but still unique at the same time, and everyone should know that 🙂

    1. Trinity I like how friendship in the story is blind to differences in species!

  4. Hello Miss Nadja,
    I have read “Nobody Owns the Moon” and The Great Escape from City Zoo and I really enjoyed them. They have made me think about all the different kinds of illustrations that Tohby Riddle has made and used in his books.

    1. Hello Russell. What is it that you are thinking about the illustrations? [And more importantly], what have the stories made you think about friendship &/or life?

  5. Hi Miss Nadja!
    Sorry for the late comment but surprisingly I have only read Nobody Owns the Moon and I loved it! I loved this book because the title actually throws you off and I think that is quite exciting. The questions I have for the book is what happened to Mr. Clive and Humphrey after they hugged.

    ~Anna E~

    1. Oh Anna I am still wondering what happened to them?!! [Especially Humphrey, knowing that he is not as suited to city living as Clive is…]. Where do you think he is now?

  6. Hi Miss Nadja,

    I have read My Uncle’s Donkey and Irving the Magician. I know Nobody Owns The Moon because you read it to my class but unfortunately we didn’t finish it.

    Some questions i am still wondering about Tohby Riddle are 1.When did he realize he wanted to be a author?
    2. How long does it take for Tohby Riddle to write a book?
    3. Where do Tohby get his information or ideas for your books?

    Alicia T

    1. Great questions about Tohby Riddle Alicia – but what about the stories themselves: what big questions about friendship and life have they made you think about? PS Thank you for reminding me that the story remains unfinished – please let me know when next you come in with the class and we will read to the end!

  7. HI Miss Nadja
    I have read Nobody Owns the Moon and My Uncle’s Donkey. They were very interesting. My question is why are almost all his books about animals and their lives?
    DAVID 56WM

  8. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I love this book by Toby Riddle: ‘NOBODY OWNS THE MOON’. I read it to my sisters and they loved it. I also think that Toby Riddle has a connection with donkeys and other animals.

    1. Hello Denise! Ask your sisters what they love about it – What do you love about it? Interesting observation. I wonder what has brought about that connection…what do you think?

  9. I have enjoyed Tohby Riddles books, especially “Nobody Owns The Moon”. The library has always been the place were I can settle down and relax. It will be sad that I will part with the library because of the end of term holidays but I will be back soon.

    1. Travis I look forward to seeing your joy on your return when the library and I welcome you back!!! What do you miss the most and what do you not miss at all??!!

  10. I really like the book “Nobody Owns the Moon. I like how it’s about two friends who live in the city (spoilers) and who find a letter that invites them to a show. I really think that Tohby Riddle is a good author because of his really good stories.

  11. Hi Ms Nadja,
    I enjoyed the book “Nobody Owns the Moon because it taught me the true meaning of friendship.

      1. Hi Ms Nadja,
        sorry for the late reply but I believe that the true meaning of friendship is nobody gets left behind and that they don’t betray you.

        1. Jade how does “Nobody Owns the Moon” add to your understanding of what it means to be a friend?

  12. Hi Miss Nadja!
    I haven’t read any of the books that Tobhy Riddles have published but I’ve read Nobody owns the moon multiple times and lot’s of past teachers have also read it to me. I never knew it was such a famous book. I’ve watched a few video’s of the books (by clicking on the hidden hyperlinks) but the one most intresting to me is unforgotten I’m still wonderin why do “they come down” to help us?

    From Daniel-5/6S

  13. Hi Miss Nadja, I have read Nobody owns the Moon I found it very interesting.I am still wondering why Tohby Riddle writes most o his books about animals as humans because I can see on My Uncles Donkey the donkey is sitting on a chair.
    – Natalie 5/6 S

    1. Natalie that is an interesting observation – why not send him an email and ask him! Come in to the library and I am happy to get you going!

  14. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I have read ‘My Uncle’s Donkey’ and ‘Irving the Magician’.
    I remember you read part of ‘Nobody owns the Moon’ at the start of Term 1.
    The big question I’m still wondering about is: Where and how does he get his inspiration from?
    I hope I can find the other books to read as they look so entertaining.

    1. Vivian that is a question many would like answered – the information may be on his website http://www.tohby.com on the “about tohby” page. let me know if you find any answers there. Rebecca and Alicia are also interested. Looking forward to hearing what you find out!

  15. Ciao Mrs Nadja,
    I have read My Uncle’s Donkey, Unforgotten and Nobody owns the moon I know this story because You read this to my class before . I love the book My Uncle’s Donkey it was great and I like Unforgotten it was amazing. The question I’m sill wondering is
    Does Tohby Riddle have specific writing style? How does he get idea’s from? When and why did you begin writing books?.

    Lan V ~ 5/6S

    1. Lan if you follow this link http://www.tohby.com/ you will find an answer to one of your questions. The answer to the other can be found by reading all of his stories and looking at & thinking about the way he writes and illustrates those stories. let me know what you learn!

  16. Hello Miss Nadja,
    I have read and loved ‘My Uncle’s Donkey’ and ‘The Singing Hat’.
    I haven’t read ‘Nobody Owns The Moon’ but I know the story because you read it to my class in a library lesson. The big question that I’m still wondering about is “How long does it take for Tohby Riddle to get ideas for a book?”
    ~ Katherine 5/6S

    1. Hello Katherine [with a K!]! Those two titles are my 3rd and 2nd favourite Tohby Riddle stories. The answer to your question May be on the links within the the post {did you notice that a hand appears when you hover over Tohby’s image at the top of the post?}. If the answer is not there, go to the side bar and scroll down until you find a list of other blogs and websites – his is listed there. Finally, when you are next in the library, we will go to the 800s section in the NF area and look to see if the books we have about writers and their work include any chapters on Tohby Riddle.
      What part of any of those stories has stayed with you Katherine?

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