Who was Captain Cook & how did he change the world? Part 1



to find out how he completed the public and the secret missions for the King  and the British Empire READ     meetcook

to find out for yourself what he did in his own words:          

READ Captain Cook’s journal written on board the  Endeavour during her maiden voyage

GO TO the Non-Fiction area of the Library and look in the 900s section for the Dewey number: 910.82 for information books about Captain Cook.

USE the Library Catalogue to do a SUBJECT SEARCH to find out if their are any stories based on his life and voyages in our library in our library. 

VISIT the Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby online Grape-lane-frontage – the 17th century house on Whitby’s harbour-side where the young James Cook

lodged as an apprentice, trained as a seaman and learnt the marine skills which led to his epic voyages of discovery when he grew up!

LOOK UP King George’s Island in a world atlas or on Google Earth data=U4aSnIyhBFNIJ3A8fCzUmaVIwyWq6RtIfB4QKiGq_w,IXVvQUyAt0WtYcE9YaUuFRriOlx5J1IYE9zKZBVbFvxI6A8kGIbGjm6TL653dRm4NTF2rzKOV5COi77mAI3MpouietA77wRVh2vleOrW6iSPSKO-9ja_XHdkiWPd_ZpPjQD-PULcICvBGjqbd2B0JqxjR9rPLIAn6P8d8jPv_

WATCH the Transit of Venus  – the rarest of eclipses, “Transits of Venus have long been useful to scientific research. In the 1700s, they helped us determine our distance to the Sun and gave us the first clue that Venus might have an atmosphere” [source: www.exploratorium.edu/venus/question4.html] which is why Captain Cook was sent to chart its path!

SEARCH in World Book Online for information about Captain Cook  – see the sidebar on the right of the screen; scroll down until you see the link to the site [remember you will need the username and password]

Let me know what you found out that you did not know before

and what has it made you wonder?!







24 thoughts on “Who was Captain Cook & how did he change the world? Part 1

  1. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I did not know that when they see the brightness of the planet they can tell the size of the planet.

  2. Hello Miss Nadja!
    I really like your blog.
    It was very interesting that Captain Cook could be so famous when he was born as a farm boy!

  3. Hi miss Nadja i still don’t really understand how the transit of venus works but besides that everything else is very interesting

  4. Dear Miss Nadja,
    I was wondering if Captain Cook first had an idea of being an explorer or if his parents wanted him to be a very famous explorer.\
    Please reply!

    1. Anthony I don’t know. Maybe a biography of Captain Cook could give us the answer. I will let you know what I find out. But I am wondering what sparked that question?

  5. I didn’t know that Captain Cook was born in a 2 room cottage and was an ordinary person like most of the people back then. What has left me wondering was that where did they find his diary and where they got all the most important dates from?

    Sincerely Allan

    1. Great question Allan. The diary is a shps log – it is an official document so it would have been kept by the Navy and stored somewhere safely for the future.Have a think how historians find out how people lived in the past from what they leave behind… what traces are you leaving behind that could help historians in the future reconstruct your life?

  6. Dear Miss Nadja,
    I did not know that before Captain Cook became a famous explorer, he was a school boy before and it is making me wonder, what he was learning in his school and i also wonder if he had a lot of Friends.
    From, Alisia

  7. Dear Miss Nadja,

    When I looked at his journal I noticed that he is talking about the weather and he said that there was a breeze on his trip and difficult to read also I think he is amazing.

    From Emily

  8. Dear Miss Nadja,

    Caption Cook was an explorer he changed the world by exploring and if he didn’t explore I wound’t be alive.

    1. And you and I would not be here having a conversation about his awesome feat – Everything is connected!

  9. Hi Miss Nadja,

    Remember when I told you about the statue in St Kilda? I went to check and it was the 26th or the 27th of August 1768. I went on the blog and went to Captain Cook’s Endeavor Voyage. Guess what? I found it !!!!! I won’t spoil it so I’ll tell you next Monday.

    BYE!!! 🙂
    From, Claire

  10. Dear Ms Nadja,
    Captain Cook changed his life from an ordinary boy to a famous sailor.I didn’t know he followed his dream from a kid.I think he showed the world that you can follow your dreams when you are young.

  11. Dear Miss Nadja,
    I never knew Joseph Banks and 4 artists was part of the Endevour Crew. I also learnt Captain Cook lived like a normal boy and became a famous explorer.

    From:Sarah 3/4HO

  12. Dear Miss Nadja,
    I never knew that Captain Cook went to school, I thought that he was homeschooled by his parents.
    It has made me wonder how his parents had the money and where his parents were.

    From: Irene

  13. Dear Miss Nadja,
    I never knew that Captain Cook had other people on the Endevour. I also learnt that it took three years for him to get to his destination.

    From: Angelina 3/4HO

  14. Hi Miss Nadja,
    Captain Cook was an English Explorer. He had chartered most of the world more than any other single man in history could.

  15. Hello Miss Nadja,

    I have read Meet Captain Cook and recommend it for everyone who wants to learn more about him in the form of a fun little book that is very easy to understand.

  16. I didn’t know that Captain Cook was born in a 2 room cottage and was an ordinary person like most of the people back then. What has left me wondering was that where did they find his diary and where they got all the most important dates from.?

  17. Hi Miss Nadja,
    It’s interesting how a NORMAL FARM BOY can become A FAMOUS EXPLORER .. I wonder if I can become famouse when I grow up .. it’s interesting .. it must have took Cook quite some time to become a famous explorer .. oh, and I tried going into the first link about his journal entry aboard the Endeavour but I couldn’t read his handwriting .. If you can understand his handwriting, can you please tell me what he wrote, IF YOU CAN, at the next Library lesson? Thank you so much! My class is 5/6FR.

  18. I did not know that every 120 at least 2 times that Transit of Venus happends.What is making me wonder is that, do other stars’ planet do that same thing?

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