Who is Jandamarra & what can we learn from him? Or Research: How is it done?

Check the dictionary – online [see the list of links on the sidebar for the Oxford Dictionary online] or use the one you have at home.

Check World Book online

Check our Library catalogue by doing a subject search to find out if there are any books about Jandamarra in our collection

Be at your next Library session and find out more!

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129 thoughts on “Who is Jandamarra & what can we learn from him? Or Research: How is it done?

    1. Once we/you have read the story you will have the answer to both your questions Christine.

  1. Hello Miss Nadja,

    I was wondering if it is Jandamarra on the 20 dollar note. I found out that Jandamarra’s name means pigeon. Also Jandamarra was a warrior.

  2. Hi Miss Nadja,

    I’m just here to ask you where can we look up information about Jandamarra. Because I have no idea where to look at I have looked everywhere in your blog

  3. Hello Ms. Nadja,
    I found a link to Jandamarra and I learnt that he was a warrior and he could turn into a bird and defend himself from any weapons coming towards him.

  4. Hello Miss Nadja,
    I learn’t that Jandamarra’s best friend was an Englishman named Richardson. Richardson joined the police force in the 1890’s. 😀

    1. Great question Jane! Think about who he was/what he did for his own people and what he could mean to both contemporary Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

  5. Dear Miss Nadja,

    I think Jandamarra was an Aboriginal man who was very brave, couragous and went on lots of adventures. But why was he on the $20 note? Also, when I checked in the dictionary, Jandamarra meant “pigeon”

  6. Hi Miss Nadja,

    Jandamarra was belonged to the Bunuba Aboriginal group, which owned land in the Kimberley area.

  7. Hi Miss Nadja,

    Jandamarra was born in1873 then he died at 1897. Jandamarra was an Aboriginal resistance fighter in the Kimberley area of Western Australia.

  8. Dear Miss Nadja,

    I learnt that Jandamarra is a Indigenous Australian, and that his name means ” Pigeon ” the last thing I would like to say is I learnt that he was a hunter and fighter that lived near the Kimberly area.

  9. Hello Miss Nadja,

    After searching for a while for where Jandamarra would’ve been in my mum’s wallet I think that he appears on the:
    50c+10c+20c+10c+10c+50c+5c+10c+5c+20c+10c coin.
    I think he is also on the ytnewt dollars note as there is something on this post giving me a hint.

  10. Hi Miss Nadja
    Jandamarra also known as pigeon was an Indgenous Australian of the Bunuba people.
    My question is: What did Jandamarra do to help his people?

    1. I read the book that I read to the grade 5/6s when it came into our library. I had read other books by the author so I thought I’d give it a go. The blurb intrigued me.

  11. Hi Miss Nadja,

    Jandamarra was born in 1873 to 1897. He was an Aboriginal fighter in Western Australia in the Kimberly area. He was a very resistant fighter.

  12. Hi Miss Nadja
    I leant about Jandamarra it is all thanks to you for reminding me about going to World Book Online.

  13. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I have a question. Jandamarra looks like he belongs with the police force but what is his real occupation?


  14. Hi Miss Nadja!

    After reading about Jandamarra on World Book Online, my big question is :
    Why didn’t the Europeans accept the Aborigines as one of their own? Was it because of racism?

  15. Hi Ms Nadja,
    After finding out about and learning about Jandamara, my question is: What did Jandamara do to help his people and did he do do it on his own?

  16. Hi Mrs Nadja,

    Jandamarra’s name also means pigeon and he was an indigenous Australian bunuba people. He led a few organised armed insurrections documented against European settlement in Australia.

    Thanks for asking!

  17. Hello Miss Nadja I want to tell you that I learnt that Jandamarra is an Aboriginal person fighter that fought in Western Australia.

  18. Hi Miss Nadja,

    Jandamarra means “pigeon”, was an Aboriginal resistance fighter in the Kimberley area of Western Australia.he led an armed rebellion of Kimberley Aboriginal people against European settlers.

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