Are you ready & able to talk about stories?

DO you know the FIVE



           Watch, listen, think and learn!


Can you retell your a story you read recently in five lines of five sentences?                           


Suggest a story in five lines of five sentences?


character  [the people in the story who carry out the action]

setting    [when & where the action takes place]

plot   [the action: what is going to happen/a series of events]

conflict   [the something that goes wrong: a problem/a struggle]

theme  [the main idea: the central belief/a big idea]

                  Try one or the other now!

21 thoughts on “Are you ready & able to talk about stories?

  1. Hello Miss Nadja,
    I really liked this video! From this fantastic video I learnt that the 5 elements of a short story could be used in reading.

    1. You are right – I am hoping to try this idea out during our next Library session; Oh for more time together!!

  2. Hi Miss Nadja I really love the video. It really helped me what are the five elements of making a short story. And I just found out that conflict means when something goes wrong. Also, I never knew there are five elements to make a short story so,

    Thank you Miss Nadja


    1. Great! My pleasure Alisha. In the next library lesson we will try using the five elements in some fun interesting way!

  3. Hello Ms Nadja

    Yesterday I was your last class you taught and you told us to research about Jandamarra I found out that Janadamarra means Pigeon and that he fought against his people than he realised he needed to help them so he killed the man he was working with and help the people of Bunuba. He was hunted down and killed on April 1st I think I’m right?

    1. Hello Christine! Great to see you and I am very impressed that you are on to the task! What steps did you take in finding information you could trust to be authorative, accurate and up-to-date?

  4. Hi Miss Nadja I really liked the music video because insted of just saying it they made it into a rap. But this video has got me thinking about adding plot, character, conflict, theme and setting in my next short story and I hope that this will help me to write great short stories since I really want to be an author.

  5. Hi Miss Nadja,
    We couldn’t watch the video but in the future, we will think about the character, setting, plot, conflict and theme. I think we will try to work on the five sentences.

  6. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I really enjoyed watching the video! It was a great idea to post a rap song to teach us the five elements of a short story! Anyways, I learnt a lot from the video! It taught us about the five elements of a short story: setting, conflict, theme, plot and character. THANK YOU!

  7. Thank you Miss Nadja,
    The video was really enjoyable and at the same time it taught me the 5 things that I would remember when I am reading or writing. The 5 things are plot, character, conflict, theme and settings.
    Thank you Miss Nadja this is something else I can use for my life 🙂

    1. Well done Elina – you are ahead of many even in grades 5/6. Have a think about how it applies to the last story you read!

  8. Hi Miss Nadja,

    I really enjoyed watching the video and now I know how to write a interesting and exciting story.

  9. Hi Miss Nadja,
    The video really helps me understand how to write a proper story that is exciting. By using plot, character, conflict, theme and settings will help me create a mad and exciting story.Thank you for the video Miss Nadja and to retell a story in five lines or five sentences I think that is very possible.

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