Have you heard: CBCA Winners announced?!


Click on the hyper-linked image below and find out

who won the CBCA’s gold and silver

medallions for the:

Picture Book of the Year

Early Childhood Picture Book of the Year

Young Readers Fiction Book of the Year

 Non-Fiction Book of the Year

Which PF books do you think should have won?

Post your choice on the wall below just click anywhere on the Padlet wall and start typing!


PS: Have you seen the Book Week mural in the office foyer?


Come & add to it by drawing a picture of

yourself reading on a large white sticker and

stick it on the mural; connecting it to

the kind of things you like to read & on what/in which you read!

15 thoughts on “Have you heard: CBCA Winners announced?!

  1. Hello Miss Nadja,
    The results of the Winner were very surprising. I never thought that it would be those books, well… I should never judge a book by it’s cover, title or inside looks.

  2. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I was very interested in the shortlisted books you showed us. And I was wondering if you could tell me where the Minecraft books are.


  3. Hello Miss Nadja,
    It’s Dorothy from 56 Selby and I want to know what short listed Book did the Childrens Book Council of Australia choose for the year. Could you tell me?

    1. Dorothy did you follow the hyperlink in the post? Move your cursor around and when it turns into a little hand [see what happens when you move it over the image], that is the hyperlink so, click on it and it will take you to the cbca site and the page on which the winners are listed. Give it a go and if you are still having trouble, come in and see me in the library and we will do it together on my computer. let me know how you go.

  4. Hi Miss Nadja! I also think that ‘Silver Buttons’ may be another interesting book because I think it is about dogs or something. I love dogs, no puppies actually. I’m normally afraid that dogs will bite me or lick me. Which book should I choose to like. I’ll have a think and let you know.

    1. I am looking forward to finding out which book you choose. When I see Silver Buttons I will put it aside for you so come and see me in the library.

  5. Hi Miss Nadja. I think that I will enjoy reading ‘The Treasure Box’ so I hope I can borrow the book as soon as possible. I wonder why the book is called ‘The Treasure Box’?

    1. Oh the Treasure Box! It is very moving. Come in and reserve it so that once it is back in the library it will be put aside for you and your question will be answered!

  6. HI Miss Nadja,
    I was really surprised what the The Children’s Book Council of Australia, chose for the winning books.

    1. Duy so was I – in fact I was shocked that The Swap was chosen [although the win of Shaun Tan’s latest was to be expected – he is the golden boy of the Australian literary world!] Which ones were your choices for the golden medallions Duy?

  7. Hi Miss Nadja,
    The book winners that were chosen by The Children’s Book Council of Australia were quite surprising. I actually did not expect some of the books to be chosen but then again since I haven’t read, I should never judge a book by its cover or even its title maybe.

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