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  1. Hi Miss Nadja!

    I really like how you always put questions and information. I hope you like my comment!

    1. Vi I love that you love the information and the questions and I would love to know what the questions make you think about!

  2. Michael what a delightful surprise – and you are so far away – it was pleasure to teach you – I hope that you have been able to use and build upon all u learnt with us/me in the library. Which library do you belong to and how does it compare to what you experienced here in Melbourne? – I would love to know!

  3. Hi Miss Nadja,

    I was just on Mr Selby’s blog and I just happened to stumble upon your blog and this particular post caught my eye because I was reading a book that was recommended to me by you. The book is called Northern Lights and it is fantasy that I’m currently enjoying.

    See you after the holidays, Genny

    1. Hi Genny Welcome to the Library Blog – I knew you and the book Northern Lights would be a good match! Have you seen the film – worth tracking down and watching. Looking forward to seeing you in Term 2 in the Library.

  4. Hi Miss Nadja,

    Could you please tell Mr Hoang and Mr Cordeiro that I said hello and thankyou for teaching in their class and I’m very grateful for that. If you’re wondering who I’m I, I’m Michael Nguyen. If you remember me Miss Nadja, Thankyou for teaching me in Library too!
    That would be awesome if you could do this for me!
    From Michael Nguyen

    1. Michael I am very happy to pass on your message – It is sure to bring a big smile to both their faces!- and it is definitely not wasting my time, in fact I am very happy to do it. (Michael believe it or not I remember everyone and I remember you very clearly and happily!)

    2. Hello Michael I am very happy to do that for you (of course I remember you – I do my best to know all my students – and it was my pleasure to teach you – be assured of that); Michael stay safe and go well in everything you do in Queensland! PS: Maybe you can tell us which of “Nature’s gifts of beauty rich and rare” you have experienced there in our Northern state.

  5. Hello Miss Nadja! I’ve just posted another book review on a GREAT book. It’s called ‘Amazing Grace’. I’ve already read it twice, but never get tired of it. It’s too good to put down. Once I start reading it, I read to the end!

  6. Hello Miss Nadja!
    I did not get a chance to tell you on Friday because you were not in! The book that I found on Inside A Dog was called “Phyllis Wong and the Forgotten Secrets of Mr Okyto.” There is only one review on it, but I found that the blurb was particularly interesting, and I managed to find it in our library, so I borrowed it! I have almost finished the book and I am glad to say that it is a great book!

    1. Oh Anna did you find it in our library? What are your thoughts so far about what you have read and how it compares to the review you read?

      1. Hello Miss Nadja!
        I am glad to say that I did find it in the library and it was a fascinating read. I have finished the book, and in comparison to the review, it was fantastic! The review did not give away any spoilers, so as I read the book there was one mystery after another!
        See you soon in the library Miss Nadja!

  7. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I have had a look at all the book review websites and out of all of them I liked Inside a Dog the most. I liked Inside the Dog because it is very easy to navigate to find book reviews. I will be sure to use all of the websites to help me find a good book to read from now on.

  8. Hello Miss Nadja!
    I have just completed another task that you have asked me to do! I have checked the sites on book reviews that you have included down the side bar, and out of all of them, I preferred Inside A Dog. In my opinion Inside A Dog is the place to go if you’re willing to share the books you’ve read with other people. The fact that it is designed for young people to share with other people is great! It is very easy to use, and even if you aren’t registered, you can still search up books and read other peoples’ comments. Overall, this website is easy to use and very convenient for young people like me. I must say, I agree with the quote on the front page that says ” A book is a man’s best friend.”
    I look forward to seeing you soon in the library Miss Nadja! 🙂

      1. Hi Miss Nadja!
        I just hopped onto the “The Guardians,” and I thought it was very interesting. The overall presentation of the website was quite eye catching and bright, suitable for kids. I think that this website is a bit harder to navigate through than Inside A Dog, but it isn’t that bad. There were a huge number of books to review, and I thought that was great. Overall, The Guardians is a good website for children wanting to review books!
        Hope to see you soon in the library Miss Nadja!

        1. I agree with you regarding the navigation aspect Anna: it depends on your preferences: a focused and clear cut paths OR lots of possible pathways depending on your own focus. I think it is useful to have both on hand. Have you followed up any recommendations you found on Inside a Dog?

          1. Hello again Miss Nadja,
            I am happy to say that I have found interesting reviews about a book I was planning to read and I will borrow it tomorrow during my library lesson! It was great to see reviews from young people my age! 🙂
            See you soon Miss Nadja!

          2. Hello again Anna! I am very interested to know which book it is – I look forward to seeing you and finding out!

  9. Hello Miss Nadja! I have just checked out all the book review sites and out of all of them, I enjoyed Inside A Dog the most. Although Inside A Dog was my favourite, Bookwink was my second favourite because they were all sorted into genres. I thought that Inside A Dog was easy to navigate through and find book reviews. I’ll be sure to use all the websites in the future to find books to read!

    1. I agree with your order but am wondering what you thought of The Guardian’s website. Personally I too use/keep an eye on all the websites I have at my disposal – sure there may be some overlap but because the sites are owned by different organizations in different parts of the world with different aims and intended audiences, then you are more likely to come across really special reads.

      1. Hello again Miss Nadja!
        I just went onto “The Guardian” and I thought the design of the blog was very vibrant and eye catching. Although the website isn’t as easy to find and view book reviews like the other websites, it still has a range of book reviews to read. I quite enjoyed looking at the Top 10s lists on the website! Overall, I think this website has a great layout, lots of content and is a good website if you’re looking for a new book to read.

          1. Hello Miss Nadja! “Coraline” caught my eye on the website. Just by reading the review on the website, I was intrigued and it left me wanting to read more.

  10. I’ve done my book review Miss Nadja! I’ve read all the other reviews and they were amazing! I will go look around the library searching for the books I found interesting from everyone’s book reviews 🙂

    1. Hello Cindy – VERY Well Done! I have been reading the reviews and excited about the books on offer in our library too. It would be interesting if you read and reviewed a book you read because of a review that was posted here. Looking forward to reading such a review.

  11. Hello Miss.Nadja I’m having problems with my IPad so i just went on the laptop, the mistakes that are on the wall ( the mistakes were the one that has Stinky Stinky and S on it I’m really sorry. Anyhow now that I’m on the laptop i can now type up my book review i spent so long thinking of. I just wanted to say that was a hard challenge but i ended up managing somehow. ( the challenge was create a book review with 8 words with commas in between. It has to include the Genre, Problem, Author and eg.)

    1. You did so well Casey, congratulations! It made me want to rush out and read the book myself. I have awarded you a second book review badge, but I will have to design a new one for this challenge because it requires so much thought!

    1. Hello Amy come in to the library at lunchtime and I will show you how to post a review of this book you enjoyed so that other people can read about it and know that it is enjoyable.

  12. Hello Miss Nadja,
    I completed a book review on the book called ”The Twits” by Ronald Dahl.
    I also did the other task you told us to do.

    1. Well done! Check your Classbadges account to make sure I have up-dated it correctly. PS I have deleted the extra accounts you and your sister made.

  13. Hello! I really liked the idea of posting a book review in the box at the top. When ever I want to read another fabulous book I will come here to check the reviews other people have posted. Well done Miss Nadja! 😀

    1. Hello Cindy – excellent news – that is why I designed the blog to include the possibility of posting reviews – have you read about any books on the post that you intend to read yourself?

  14. Hi Miss Nadja! Just wanted to say that these recommendations are very interesting and I want to read them all so badly!! You also had a recommendation for me last week but I couldn’t find it on the shelf, It was a senior picture fiction book and was about a bear.

  15. Hi Miss Nadja!

    Your blog site is very cool and educating but I still need help finding out who Mr Dewey is! Please help?

    1. Akiran why not use the Connect search engine listed on the right-hand panel – World Book Online is offline because of the USA government’s argument with itself about $$$. Type in: Melville Dewey and see what happens! PS Great to see you getting things done!!! /\/\/\ [That’s my symbol for a big clap!]

  16. Miss Nadga, I’m very sorry for those accidental posts on the book reviews. If you could delete them then that would be appreciated. My device kept on crashing and that would be the result. I’m sincerely sorry.

    1. Gabby my name is spelt Nadja – it means hope – it is my first name!
      I will happily do it but it won’t be until late because I am on my way to swim practice – but I do promise to do it Gaby!

      1. Thank you Miss Nadja! I’m sorry for spelling your name wrong. I was also wondering if I should reupload my book review because the title wasn’t posted with the review itself. I think the meaning of your name is really pretty!

        1. Apology accepted Gaby no harm done [and thank you for the compliment about the meaning of my name :)] Don’t worry about doing it again – just tell me the title and I will edit it for you. See u in the library Gaby.

          1. Thank you Miss Nadja, you’ve really helped me a lot! The title is called “A Series Of Unfortunate Events – The Bad Beginning”.

          2. I am always happy and eager to help Gaby. Have you looked for the book in our Library because we do have the series.

  17. Hi Miss Nadja I really like the Percy Jackson recommendation because The story is a very mysterious adventure. I watched the movie and it Is similar but different. See you soon Miss Nadja.

  18. I really like the recommendation of the Percy Jackson book because I really like the Greek Gods and the mysteriousness feel of the story.

    1. hello Thang welcome to the library blog – are there any other books in the same genre as the Percy Jackson series that you have read and would recommend?

  19. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I really loved the book of Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief
    I had already watch the movie and really wanted to know if its quite the same or a bit of a difference.

  20. Miss Nadja I really like Angie Wu’s recommendation about the ‘Naked Penguin’ I really want to read it!

    1. Wonderful – nxt time you are in the library Michelle go straight to the PF area and look for it on the L shelf – if you belong to Springvale library why not pop in and ask -they are sure to have a copy because he is an Australian author.

    1. I will go straight to the post and read it Michelle – did you follow the format/plan that I included above the embedded Padlet Wall?

  21. Hello Miss Nadja
    These recommendations look great I might try reading all the books recommended there. Also can I ask how I can change/customize my character. Thankyou

    1. Hi Phuong! For users without a custom avatar of their own I have enabled WordPress [the blogging platform] to generate one based on their e-mail address. If you have a friend in Mr Selby’s class you can find out which App[lication] or program they used yesterday/Friday to generate their own Or wait for suggestions on my next post.

  22. Hello Miss Nadja I like the blog that you have made because there are different posts to read and I like the different recommendations.

  23. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I think this a really good post because sometimes it takes me forever to try to find a book that I would be interested in. But now I can just go to this post and read some recommendations to save time.

  24. Hello Miss Nadja,
    You recommended to me a book called Ava Anne Appleton (Accidental Adventurer). It’s really interesting I really enjoyed it
    Thank You Miss Nadja

    1. Hello Doan I am glad that my recommendation to you was a success. Did you post a review on the wall? Just double click anywhere on the bricks and a text box will appear and all you have to do is start typing! You can also add a link to an image or a video to the text box.

  25. I think this is a good post, because you can recommend books to others without meeting them and because you can find interesting books.

    1. Hi Rayden I am glad you enjoy the post & I do agree that it saves time & it also can make borrowing time in the library more focused.

  26. I’m delighted with your Blog Miss Nadja! 5/6S is currently reading Shinkei by Gillian Rubenstein. We read SpaceDemons first and then Skymaze. The children in this trilogy are confronted with lots of different life challenges! We are all deeply into the story and anticipate an exciting end to all of their trials and tribulations.
    Reading Is The Key!
    Mr.Selby & 5/6S (Check our Shelfari for the three books @ Mr. Selby’s Classroom Blog)

    1. Hi Mr Selby I am delighted that the blog delights you! Would some students {3} from your class like to post a review on the wall about each of the books you have read – I would love to know the life lessons that the books have made them think about! PS: Would you believe I was planning to start reading Space Demons to the grade 3/4s!!! Great minds….:)

  27. Wow! This is a very good idea when you recomend a book on this blog (which is on this page) I have read one of the book that was recomended by John. That book is exciting and scary. If it is John T. in Mr Selby’s class I will say good job cousin!

    1. Hi Michelle – Have you registered for the ClassBadges yet – I am very keen to award you a badge for participating online!

        1. No problem Kelvin: just come in and see me in the library and let me know which class you belong to so I can give you the right registration code.

  28. Great blog miss Nadja! I think its a great idea of doing this so we can see more books that we can enjoy. Thanks!

    1. Hi Helen – keep your eyes on the post because I will be adding to it with the 5/6 students – in the meantime why not tell us about a book from our library you have read recently and loved? Just double-click anywhere on the wall in the Padlet review box!

      1. Hello Miss Nadja,
        I did do one about Ruby Rosemount. I know this is not part of the subject, but now, whenever I go to the about page, I cannot comment there. It just says ‘Comments are closed’. Please fix it.
        See you after the holidays!

        Helen H 5/6 Cordeiro

        1. Hi Helen I will add your name to that review and award you a badge [PS you are registered in the wrong class: this is the code for Mrs C’s class: LXHZ09SL Please re-register. Helen this is the right place to post. The ABOUT page only had a comment box because it was the my starting point in designing/developing the blog – pages don’t usually have comment boxes – posts do. People have had plenty of time to do what I ask and visit and comment on that page – it is time to move on and look read think about the content & concepts in other posts. All the comment boxes will eventually close because that is how blogs work – the blogger posts and the visitors comment – and then time passes, a new post is posted and new comments are invited. Tink of diary entries – eventually you move on. You commented about your book review on the post about finding good reads and the place where you were invited to post your own good reads on a wall so you are in the right place – the about page would have been the wrong place. Helen nothing is broken or needs fixing.

          1. Dear Miss Nadja,
            Thanks for the registration Code.(BTW, I never registered for anything on class Badges)

            Helen H 5/6C

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