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  1. Hello Miss Nadja,
    I really enjoy this blog of yours that you created and I like the clip of Mr Dewey. I think that Mr Dewey is a very thoughtful man, without him people wouldn’t know where to find the book that they need because books from different areas would be everywhere. Now thanks to Mr Dewey people just don’t have to look everywhere for their books.

    From Kathlyn N 5/6M

    1. Hello and welcome Kathlyn – Melville Dewey’s thoughtfulness brought about a transformation in the way we think and how we do things in libraries and beyond! – Which hundreds section of the NF area is your current favourite?

  2. Hi Miss Nadja,
    The decimal system is quite interesting the rap is awesome and everything on this page is about the decimal system.

  3. Dear Miss NADJA this year at my school I have read lots of book because I want to spend time reading. When I finish my homework I go to the library to borrow books also to read for the holiday break.

  4. Mr Dewy is an awesome rapper but one thing I know about him is that he is really good at rapping and I’d like to meet him one day!

  5. HI MIss Nadja,
    Melvil Dewey was an American Librarian who started decimal library-classification system.

  6. Hello Miss Nadja,
    I think Melvil Dewey is a library educator and a person who created the Dewey Decimal System.
    See you in the library

  7. Hello Miss Nadja,
    I never thought so much about how we arrange the shelves in the library and now I know why. Unfortunately, I could only watch the bottom video because the other two didn’t work.

    Helen H

    1. Great to hear you did so much thinking on something that we take for granted but revolutionized how information books are organized all over the world! Helen give the links another go…

  8. I had understood the first and second video but i had trouble top understand the third one please help me to understand it because i had trouble with it!

  9. Hello Miss N would it be alright if I ask you for the World Book Online username and password.Thank-you!!!

  10. Hi Miss Nadja I log into my classbadges account and found out that I have to do one more thing to earn the classbadges which is to identify about Delvil Dewey. I learnt that Dewey Decimal Classification is a system that was named from Mr Dewey. He was the man who had a great idea for organising the books.

      1. Well first I had trouble because there were less information and just three video. I remember that you told me to try to figure out the things by myself and I did. Then i read the sentences above the video and found a link that says if you want more information click on Kids Tutorial to watch a slideshow ,then i was on this page and I read it and I learnt about Mr Dewey.

        1. Hello Michelle – so what do you now know? Have you visited the World Book online to find out what it can add to your knowledge of Melville Dewey (the link is in the sidebar)

          1. Hi Miss Nadja.The things that could add to my knowledge of Mellville Dewey is that he became a chief librarian in 1883.He built the first library school in 1887.He was a director of the New York State Library from 1889 to 1906. Hope to get my badge.

      2. Well I click on the link that says for more info click kids turtorial and then I was at this page and then it had slideshows and I read what it says.

  11. Hi Ms Nadja,
    I was wondering if you would give me other websites so I could find out more about Mr Dewey. Thankyou and please tell me in the library please.
    See you soon!

    1. Hello Michael N I will see what I can find – did you try out the Connect Search Engine (see link shown in sidebar)?

  12. Hello Mrs Nadja,
    I really like the blog you created. It look really interesting of how to makes the 3D instruction. I really like what you had done to the blog.

    1. Hello Amy yes you may ask a few questions but the best place to look for answers is the World Book Online – see the link on the sidebar [Amy please show that you learnt how to use capital letters and question marks and never use i when you mean I – you want to show that you paid attention at school.]

  13. i always go to your library blog but my internet is slow but i will promise you i will go on your blog everyday but i’m not that busy those

    i like your wonderful blog that you had made for St Joseph primary

    1. Amy that is lovely! You do not have to go everyday but becoming a regular visitor would be great for the blog and for you: if your slow internet connection at home is frustrating you, then come in at any lunchtime I am on duty and you can visit the Library Blog in the Library!

  14. Hi Miss Nadja,
    I really liked the rap and the music video that Mr. Dewey made because i found it really funny and a bit catchy. I think Mr Dewey is an awesome librarian and I’d love to meet him. I only own a few books so i don’t really organise them, I just put them on my small bookself. I also know another rapper called Mr. Duey and he raps about maths.

    1. Hello William I think you need to take my advise and find out who Melvil Dewey is by looking him up on World Book online: follow the link that appears on the sidebar.

      1. I went on World Book Online and I found out that Melvin Dewey was a librarian who invented a decimal classification system for library books called the Dewey Decimal System.

  15. Hi Ms Nadja,
    I think Mr Dewey is a VERY GOOD AND FUNNY rapper, and how i keep my books orginazedat home is leave them sitting straight neatly and it’s easy for me to see the title when i want to read them.

    1. Hello Mary – that is how I try to keep my books but I am not always successful. Please read and follow my advice to William and tell me what you learned.

  16. This is a fantastic way to organise books, it saves some time as well. My Dewey is great! Thanks for introducing him to us!

  17. Hi Ms Nadja,
    I never thought of a way to organize my books at home because I always leave my books in the library bag whenever I finish reading the book. After reading this I thought for a moment, Should I organize my books or not and I chose organizing because it’s easier to find and put away. Thanks for asking this question Ms Nadja. See you in the library!

  18. Dear Miss Nadja,

    I think Mr Dewey is a superstar and I always put my books on the self and I don’t want to make a mess everywhere

    bye Miss Nadja

    1. Tyler I think he is a superstar too but are you sure he is also a rapper – check by looking him up on World Book onlinee. There is a link on the sidebar of this blog.

  19. Hi I’ve seen the Mr.Dewey’s Post and I completely loved it.
    Its gr8 you put it on your blog
    See you at the library

    1. Hello Grace I am very happy to see you here and am interested to know what you didn’t know before about Mr Dewey?

  20. Hi Miss Nadja
    I would just like to know how its been with the blog.
    I would like to know the register code for FZ please and may I just say I am loving your website.
    See you at the library

    1. Hello again Grace the code is U60LMRWZ and and it is great to read of your enjoyment of this blog.

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