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    1. Hello Benjamin H – usually it is just a matter of clicking on the link that has been sent to you in an email.

  1. I liked the surveys Miss Nadja because the questions were very easy to understand! They really got me thinking about what kind of person I am. Thanks! Plus, I wish I could stay at least another year for your fabulously planned book weeks!

  2. I did all 3 surveys. The questions were very interesting. They had got me thinking more about the role model I am and about my participation in Book Week activities.

    1. Hi Dawn a late notice is better than no notice! Tell me what did you learn about yourself or what did you learn about joining in by doing the survey?

    1. Hi Kyle it was great to see u today in the Library AND great to see you here visiting the blog. Tell me did you discover anything new about yourself by completing the surveys?

  3. Hi Miss Nadja,
    These three survey had a lot of difficult questions to answer,but I tried my best to answer them.

    1. Fantastic – the more challenging the question the harder deeper wider we have to think/reflect and the greater our self knowledge! What do you think you found out about yourself Doan?

  4. The questions in your surveys are very clever and it felt like some of the questions you would have asked in the lessons! Thank you for planning the Book Week for us as it was a very enjoyable week!

  5. I really enjoyed doing the survey and it + the questions really required a lot of thought to answer. It made me think about things a lot. Thank You for planning Book Week.:)

    1. Hello Chaliena I loved planning Book Week as I loved making this blog and updating it because I love making/devising/organizing things that require thought and creativity and are invitations to think deeply and learn while having fun. What else did you explore see read on the blog that made you think?

  6. I apologise that i couldn’t participate in all the activities because I had other things going on at the same time! Overall, I thought your survey was creative and it had some interesting questions! 🙂

    1. What did you learn about yourself from the survey Anna? How could you have organized yourself & the time you did have to make the most of the week’s learning opportunities?

  7. The questions were :
    What kind of role model are you? Would you like to be? \
    What kind of things do you join in at school? Outside of school?
    What motivates you to join in at school? Outside of school?
    How did you add to the enjoyment of the week for yourself and for others in our school?

    These questions were not understandable for me and want to know more about it so it is clearer.

    1. Michelle come in and see me tomorrow or nxt wk I will explain it fully to you but in the meantime a role model is someone who is a good example to us – someone who we could look up to and try to be like.
      Have u looked up “motivated” in the dictionary…what does it say.
      The last question is asking what did you do to be part of the celebrations?

  8. i really liked the survey and the most creative questions. 🙂
    i apologise that i didn’t join in because i had to practise for athletics.

  9. thanks Miss Nadja. This survey really helped me out. I’m sorry I couldn’t join in with the activities because I was sick. I made an effort to go to school but I was sick. sorry. 🙁

    1. My pleasure Liem – that is great news about the usefulness of the survey for you. Stay well and use what you have learnt!

  10. The link to this survey was so creative. This survey was also great. I apologize for not participating in that much but next time i definitely will participate in everything!

    1. How has the survey helped you Kimberley? I am glad to read that you won’t miss the chance to have fun while you are learning next time!

    1. Hello again Celinna! What was it about the survey that was interesting and enjoyable in your opinion – I am v. interested to know.

    1. Monica Use what you have learnt about yourself about what is important NOW – concentrate on making the most of learning opportunities now and you will be ready for the future whatever it holds!

  11. This survey really helped me a lot to think about Book Week and what are the things i should have done right. It’s also fun doing surveys. I don’t really feel good since i didn’t join in much things and felt so sorry that you did everything for the students for this year Book Week.

    1. Michelle feel good that now you know what to do in similar situations in the future so that you make the most of ALL our learning opportunities!

  12. The surveys were interesting and I learnt that I had to be more organized and try to take part in more things.

    1. Celinna that is a very important learning to have made – what will you do so that you are organized in the future?

      1. I would write things down in my diary or write it on a piece of paper and put it straight into a safe place where I would remember.

  13. This survey really helped me to reflect on the things I have done on Book Week. I really liked the way Miss Nadja put the last question about how we felt about Book Week because I think you should know we did and our feelings. The other thing I liked about the finale question was that it wasn’t a Yes or No answer because all the others were Yes and No’s so I thought this would give more information and it would be more precise. Your survey is great and I am wondering how you have put this together you have done a great job and it was enjoyable to have done this survey. 🙂

    1. Hi Cindy thank you for your great feedback! I used Survey Monkey which is a simple free program for creating questionnaires. The hardest thing is choosing the right questions so that they make the person taking the survey think AND also providing useful information for the person carrying out the survey.

  14. This survey was like the questions you asked us in Library but different at the same time! Some of the questions you might have asked us some not; anyway about your blog: I would like you to put what we are learning next in the library, so I can be up-to-date and write events in my dairy so I am organized!

    1. Stella you get the student prize for being my first visitor! Come and see me Thursday in the library.
      You are right re the questions – a great teacher always gives time to students to think internally and out aloud about important questions so that when it comes time for the students to record those questions their responses will more likely be genuine. Reflecting on who we are in the world takes time. I wanted to give you that time to reflect, to guide you in your reflection and to see hear the responses expressed fully. Not just yes or no as in the survey. Both kinds are useful but the library time together was more infomation rich eg I could see your faces/expressions. I actually needed both bc not everyone had an opportunity to speak but everyone had an opportunity to reflect and everyone is expected to complete the survey. I do plan to add a Be Ready to think About… page or configure the calender to show what is coming up – so subscribe to keep up to date w what is new in the meantime Stella.

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